AME for Auto Dealers Storage Solutions – Providing Warehouse and Automotive Parts Storage Bins, Shelving, Cabinets and More


AME for Auto Dealers realizes that to truly optimize your business, your warehouse and auto parts rooms must be designed with auto parts storage bins, manufacturer storage bins, shelving racks, carts and containers in mind to fully utilize the space that you have and improve productivity. We also have the following products that you can use with new or used equipment to create a layout that will fully maximize your space:


  • High density drawer systems
  • Free standing mezzanines
  • Shelf supported mezzanines
  • Parts lifts
  • Specialized storage racks
  • Motorized tire carousels
  • Vertical carousels/shuttles
  • Parts bins


Our parts room equipment is the best in the industry, and we are very, very competitive!


Our overall business goal is to provide the best storage solution products and room redesigns for you so that your business can run more efficiently while avoiding the cost of renting additional warehouse space.


With the help of a FREE DESIGN Solution, potential AME for Auto Dealer clients can find out what auto and manufacturing auto parts storage bins, shelving and racks are right for them. The customer can then choose to go ahead with our design plans and products, or stop the process after the AME recommendations.


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